Wednesday, 28 October 2015

my ride to school

my ride to school

This morning i woke up and got dressed and mum tied up my hair.Mum and i packed my lunch box and put my homework book and ipad and put it in my bag. Then we put our jackets and shoes on with our bag on our back and we forgot to brush our teeth so we took all our stuff off.We went to the bathroom.I'm finished i yelled i put my stuff back on and went out the bus.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Matariki is a group of stars that stay together all the time at night. Matariki stars come out at the end of  May or beginning of June. When the next new moon appears in the evening sky, that  is a sign of the traditional Māori new year.At this time of year you can see it in the early morning sky before dawn.Matariki is a thing to do with planting and harvesting the stars are used for all the seas around New Zealand the seven sisters are the seven stars.  Have you ever looked at the night sky and gazed at the stars you might have seen a group of have seven stars called.The Matariki has a real name called the  seven sisters the seven sisters are a group of stars that stay in the sky to get ready for the night.The old stories tell us when the stars shine brightly and tell old stories. It is a time to share stories, for learning about land and how to look after it. Have you ever looked up at the stars in the night sky you  might have seen a group of seven stars called Matariki. The mori cluster is only seen in New Zealand at a certain time in winter. Really there are hundreds of stars in the  group,  although most are only visible using telescope.  By Regan,Jackson,Caris and Georgia.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

at nanas and grandad

in the first week of the holidays Natalie and i stayed  at our nanas and grandad i got a cold on tusday i kept sniffing coghing and getting saw tummys every night my nana has two toliets and nana has one toliet in her   room.