Friday, 28 August 2015

about some people having a race to the north pole

about Robert peary who is robert peary?
robert peary was and american explorer robert and his team were the first team in the world to go the north pole. Robert has been and fased many dangers amd robert proved them all wrong

Robert loved to read book when he was little and he read about greenland. He was really happy about the ice and snow. robert joined the united states navy.
robert wanted to go north but navy sent him to south Nicaragua in central America robert met matthew henson he became a loyal friend.
 robert took time off the navy he was still dreaming of finding the north pole
roberts risk of life has happened to many times trying to get there.
Robert knew that robert and his team needed a special

Monday, 24 August 2015

im the author

one day the grasshopper was getting ready for winter and the ants said maybe we should let the grasshopper come and stay with the  us said the ants  because the grasshopper was getting ready for winter. The weta came along and said come on and injoy the sun before summer ends the ants and the grasshopper yelled NO! so the grasshopper and the ants went back in the ants coleny.

the weta was walking along the streets and had a sign saying the ants and the grasshopper don't like me. the ants and the grasshopper saw the sign out the window WHAT ARE YOU DOING!