Wednesday, 13 May 2015

About the netball game today

Hi everyone
My name is Caris
I had my frist netball game at school. I never knew that my dad was comeing to see me play netball netball is about having a go and tring your best I think every one would do a good job in netball. What  would you pick would you think you will do good in netball I think you will. Have you ever had a real game of netball?
 I have played 6 games this year so answer all this in comments I hope you like my blog. And just to tell you I have got three cats two boys and one girl te girl is called Charlie and the two boys names are puss and grey balls. Also my sister Natalie played netball at Auroa school today to she is just in a anther team.i go to auroa school and I play in a netball team and play in a senyer soccer team.  do you play any sports not to do with your school so if please answer this in comments? I think that all of you who are looking at my blog I think you will do well in every sport. When I was playing in Opunake for a netball game and had a fall over grazed my leg and arms I came off.  It was a big square grey netting court.